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I apologize for not replying to all the messages in my inbox, I will try to get to them soon.

Anonymous sent:

What songs are you missing IDs for? I know a few-- a lot of the earlier stuff comes from Shibuya-Kei bands like UTRECHT, Copter[numbers which I don't remember], and Capsule.

Any song I haven’t listed here!

And thank you, I’ll make sure to check out those bands you listed later.

kekon sent:

So I found a knock off site that reposts the YT vids and saw the description of the PV. All it really says is, "ACT IV "Judgement" (Copyright Stuff) Persona 5 Imagining PV is FANMADE by ATLUSxP5" Nothing about what the song was. Also it's one of few songs in the list I cant find using listener apps. :I hmmm

That’s too bad… thank you for looking it up though!

i-e-grand sent:

I was wondering, what is the first song of the SUMARU RADIO mix called? I know that it's a song from Toki Asako and it might be called Joker Man, but I can't find anything on YouTube.

In the description of the video, there is a list of all the tracks used. 

#1. 土岐麻子 x 野崎 良太 - ジョーカーマン
#2. すばこx 健一土屋 x 俊樹小西 - 丸める 「MAYA THEME 01」 
#3. 魔界 x リサ - MY ONE STAR ft. LISA
#4. エリシャ·ラバーン - 私は夢を見ていないよ

Using Google translate, the first track translates into ”# 1 Toki Asako x Ryota Nozaki -. Joker Man” and though the song isn’t on Youtube, I found it on Soundcloud. It seems to be the same track used in the video, so I’ll add it to the list. Thank you for your help.

diverse-style sent:

Thanks so much for your upload! Do also happen to know the name of the track used on the second half of the PV trailer starting from about 1:30?

No problem! And sadly, I don’t. The name of the song might’ve been in the description, but I forgot to check it when the video was public.

diverse-style sent:

Is there a way I could get access to listen to all these tracks? Thanks!

Sadly, AtlusxP5 has made most of their videos unlisted or private, making them impossible to view without a link. However, I made a zip of all the tracks I have and uploaded them on dropbox if you’d like to download. Here it is!


Feed Update

P5 Imagining Trailer coming up next

they have also posted the Persona 5 trailer from atlus channel and added a comment.


AtlusxP5 has deleted everything from their feed…

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Anonymous sent:

All of this things are the real Persona 5 game? Please, do not take it bad.

This is not the real Persona 5, just a fan project by a user called AtlusxP5.